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Career at AutoScout24

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At AutoScout24, it's all about people like you: our international teams bring together different backgrounds and points of view. We work in an inclusive and open culture, growing together to make an impact. Our tailor-made “New Ways of Working” approach gives you leeway to unfold and perform in your current role, while the wide range of opportunities across the whole AutoScout24 Group will ensure that you continue to grow and develop. You can simply “Expect more!”

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Growth Culture

As part of a team of top professionals, we trust and empower our employees to operate independently. With collaborative tools that support hybrid working, you'll have the flexibility to work in a way that’s best for you. You'll have access to development and mentoring opportunities that are in line with our culture of continuous improvement. We will support you as you learn, grow and advance in your career.

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A great place to be

As an AutoScout24 team member, you will be part of a global team of over 50 nationalities collaborating to foster teamwork, exchanging ideas, and engaging in a healthy and supportive environment. We are bold and energetic, and know that our best work is done together. We work in cross-functional teams to produce amazing products for our dealer partners and users, encouraging collaboration between people with various backgrounds, talents, and ideas.

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Impact through innovation

We continuously adapt to the ever-changing needs of our customers – this is how we have become an industry leader. Our fast-paced work environment transforms plans into products in just a few weeks while testing and learning along the way. Being at the forefront of a fast-evolving sector opens countless opportunities for growth and innovation, whether expanding internationally, modernising our infrastructure, creating new products, or embracing emerging market trends.

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00:00:04 Edgar: What amazes me about AutoScout24 Group is its truly global team of experts from more than 50 nationalities trying to improve our business every single day. I'm Edgar, the CEO of AutoScout24 Group. 00:00:20 Arion: Hey, Edgar, thanks so much for joining today. 00:00:22 Edgar: My pleasure, Arion. 00:00:23 Arion: All right. So, first question: What did you do first in the office today? 00:00:28 Edgar: I actually always walk the floors, see who's in and have a little chat, feel the pulse, get the temperature, understand what's going on, and just be present. 00:00:39 Arion: Perfect. Can you describe your job in a few sentences? 00:00:43 Edgar: My job is to make sure we have the best team in place, to align on our goals, to empower, to support, and to readjust and realign if and when needed. 00:00:54 Arion: Great. Can you tell us about a "wow" moment, that you've had within the last four weeks? 00:01:00 Edgar: Hearing first hand from our customers, how much we have improved was fantastic. 00:01:05 Arion: And what's the name of your playlist for a road trip? 00:01:09 Edgar: I guess that one is “The Long and Winding Road”. 00:01:15 Arion: All right. And last question: Expect more! Can you name three things that make AutoScout24 unique? 00:01:22 Edgar: We have a highly ambitious team, very innovative, and you can have real impact. 00:01:29 Arion: Thank you so much for joining today. 00:01:31 Edgar: Thank you, Arion.