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Our talented team of engineers build and maintain systems that amaze our customers and develop software that solves their problems. Data is the lifeblood of our business; we use it to continuously review and improve our products and systems. And we’re proud to be ahead of the curve: years before the rise of LLMs, our machine learning engineers trained models to predict buyer and seller behavior, car market trends and deliver more relevant search results. Join us, and develop the future of AutoScout24 Group.

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Driven by us.

A passion for problem-solving 

As a team, we love to learn. We’re passionate about applying our skills, knowledge and expertise to solve seemingly impossible tasks. We’re early adopters of new tech and we are constantly finding ways to improve the customer - as well as the developer - experience, whether that’s using specialized AI to chat with potential customers or developing a bespoke platform for our engineers to create, deploy, monitor and document their services.

Dmitri’s career story  

Discover what makes AutoScout24 Group the ideal career choice for Dmitri.

Life on our team. 

We never stand still

From our caffeine consumption to our canine friends, life as an engineer is fast-paced, fun and full of possibilities.


We’re an international community of 270+ engineers

And even though we’re based in over 10 different locations around Europe, we’re constantly sharing ideas and supporting one another.


We’re fueled by caffeine

It takes over 60 liters of coffee a week to keep us fully functioning. And we love nothing more than catching up during a coffee break.


We have over 1000 GitHub repositories

Between us, we have a wealth of information and expertise on all things data, development and digital.