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Product & Design

The future is in our hands. From solving big problems to experimenting with cutting-edge solutions, we manage the end-to-end product lifecycle. Empowered by the right tools, we work cross-functionally, constantly researching, deploying and iterating to evolve and improve our product for customers. Join us and think big, make strategic decisions and drive progress.

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A culture of sharing 

We are a vibrant team with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. Whether we’re based in Munich, Amsterdam, Milan, remotely, or in one of our other locations, we are constantly communicating and collaborating - and we love nothing more than getting together in person to share ideas, solve problems or grab lunch. And when we’re not spending time improving our product, we’re building better ways of working and communicating, so everyone’s needs and ambitions are met.

Life on our Product & Design team. 

Our Senior Visual Experience Designer talks about life at AutoScout24 Group.

Life on our team. 

We are everywhere 

As the team shaping the future of our product for customers, we are actively involved in every area of our organization, starting conversations, listening to problems and working with others to build compelling solutions.


We take a remote-first approach

Because we’re based in so many different places, we take a remote-first approach, enabling seamless communication between teams and individuals, wherever they are.


We speak to everyone

Almost every project we work on impacts or is impacted by another team. That means we’re always communicating with people across the organization - it’s impossible to feel isolated here.


We’re driven by data

We don’t base our decisions on feelings. Instead, we use data, insight and customer research to drive our ideas.