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Our team brings AutoScout24 Group’s products to our car dealer customers. We meet with, or speak to, dealers to understand their individual needs and show them how our products can meet those needs. Our team is made up of Inside Sales, Key Account, Customer Success and Customer Care Managers, all working together to build positive customer relationships and provide them with the support and solutions they need to thrive.

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A winning mindset 

As a team, we are performance-driven and committed to success. We put our customers first, and we are always striving for growth, constantly finding ways to improve, innovate and hone our skills. Our Challenger Sales training program provides us with the tools, insights and resources we need to be leading sellers. Although we are based across a huge range of markets and locations, we share a drive to succeed and we support one another, wherever we are.

Biliana’s experience at AutoScout24 Group 

Our CFO talks about what makes a career at AutoScout24 Group so exciting.

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Making a big impact  

Being part of an organization that’s shaping the future of our industry means we have plenty to talk about and the opportunity to make a real difference for our customers.


We have 220 driven team members

With 220 Sales professionals working across different European markets, we are proud to make a splash across the industry.


We support over 40,000 car dealers

From small owner-led “gravel yard” dealers, to large groups with thousands of cars, we provide support and solutions for all types of car dealers across Europe.


We constantly innovate

We may be highly experienced, but that doesn’t keep us from constantly finding new ways to support our customers - for example, using new data tools to have data-driven conversations with dealers.