Driven by opportunity. 

Learning & development

We empower our people - and our organization - to succeed. That means giving you the support to learn new skills, share your ideas freely and collaborate with your colleagues, wherever you are. We may be experts, but we never stand still. Here, we have the power to shape our organization’s future as well as our own.

A place to grow your skills.

Accelerate your career

From cutting-edge trainings and development programs to knowledge sharing between colleagues, there are plenty of ways to continuously grow your knowledge and develop your skills. It’s this culture of growth that keeps us ahead, helps us innovate for our customers and allows us to challenge ourselves - and one another.

Learning & development at AutoScout24 Group.

Deepak talks about the opportunities to develop his skills at AutoScout24 Group.

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“After many years of working in SEO, I was curious to explore another profession that fits my skills and strengths. AutoScout24 Group made it possible for me to join the Growth team as a Product Manager, which has been a challenging and exhilarating journey so far.”

Christina Boeck, Product Manager

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Learning and development

Mentoring and coaching 
Open to everyone who joins us, our mentoring program connects you with our leaders to support your development. We also offer coaching through CoachHub, which offers high-quality coaches informed by the latest behavioral science. 
Onboarding buddies
When you join, you’ll be assigned a buddy who will be on hand to answer your questions and support you as you join. Plus, there are lots of onboarding events to get you up-to-speed with life at AutoScout24 Group. 
Workday Learning 
This learning platform is powered by our collective knowledge and expertise, and is available to all. In this grassroots approach, internal experts deliver valuable training sessions. 
Online training
With access to platforms like Udemy and Cousera, as well as AWS training provided by our partnership with Amazon, you can work with your manager to select the training that will support your individual growth and personal goals. 
Development programs 
Our leadership development program provides networking opportunities and cultivates our team of business leaders, while our talent development program accelerates the careers of our up-and-coming colleagues. 
Whether it’s team building or sharing knowledge between teams, training in radical candor, uncovering unconscious bias or exploring new ways of working, there are plenty of ways we help one another grow. 

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Explore our roles

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Bettina and I explored key areas of leadership, career development and business insight. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from her expertise and excited to apply these lessons as I develop further in my career journey.

Fernanda Mouthinho, Talent Acquisition Specialist and Mentee

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The learning potential at AutoScout24 Group

Senior Visual Experience Designer Arion tells us about his experience of learning new skills at AutoScout24 Group.

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Being part of the Kickstarter program really helped me step up my game. The sessions were very helpful and the group was very supportive, guiding me through challenges and helping me to use my strengths. This allowed me to develop further and take the next step in my career.

Simone Wallis, Sales Operations & Project Manager and Mentee

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A world of opportunity.

Take your career anywhere

No matter where you’re based or where you want to go, we’ll help you get there. Whether you’re looking to relocate to another one of our European offices or spend time working on a different team, we can make it happen. You’ll have regular feedback sessions with your manager, where you can map out your career path and create a plan to help you achieve your ambitions.