Driven by teamwork. 

General Functions

We provide specialized support and services to teams across AutoScout24 Group. We’re a diverse function that includes a wide range of teams, including Finance, People, Legal, Procurement, Facilities and Strategy. Join us and support the smooth running and growing of our organization.

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Franziska’s career story

Discover why Franziska chose AutoScout24 Group for her career.

Life on our team. 

Driving momentum

As the backbone of our business, we provide essential support to the entire organization, ensuring all departments can work together seamlessly. Our teams are made up of highly-skilled professionals, working tirelessly to make sure our organization runs smoothly and efficiently. Without us, no salary is paid, no invoice written, no software bought, no employee hired, no office furnished and no party planned - just to name a few.


We’re an international community

With over 25 nationalities represented on our team, we’re a melting pot of ideas, experiences and perspectives.


We have a sweet tooth

There are more sweetaholics on this team than any other - rumor has it some of our colleagues only visit us for the sweets.


We keep the company running

With 20,000 CVs screened last year, 1000 pages of financial statements prepared, 4000 suppliers managed and >200,000 cups of coffee provided for our colleagues, we’re the ones who keep things moving.