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8 Offers for Triumph TR6

€ 18,450.-

41,040 km02/1973130 kW(177 hp)Used- (Previous Owners)ManualGasoline0 l/100 km (comb)- (g/km)
Autobedrijf Jan de Croon B.V.
Afdeling verkoopNL-7391 AL TWELLO
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€ 16,950.-

2,544 km01/197377 kW(105 hp)Used1 previous ownerManualGasoline- (l/100 km)- (g/km)
Xavier MolenaarBE-9880 Aalter

€ 19,999.-

7,300 km01/1973112 kW(152 hp)Used- (Previous Owners)-/-Gasoline- (l/100 km)- (g/km)
Private seller,NL-5447PV Rijkevoort

€ 23,198.-

70,000 km07/197372 kW(98 hp)Used- (Previous Owners)-/-Gasoline- (l/100 km)- (g/km)
Private seller,DE-53639 Königswinter

€ 25,000.-

56,000 km02/197376 kW(103 hp)Used- (Previous Owners)ManualGasoline- (l/100 km)- (g/km)
The M Factory Bvba(26)
Benjamin CokelbergBE-2550 Kontich

€ 32,000.-

126,000 km04/197397 kW(132 hp)Used- (Previous Owners)-/-Gasoline- (l/100 km)- (g/km)
Private seller,IT-38066 Riva Del Garda

€ 45,950.-

17,278 km06/1973110 kW(150 hp)Used2 previous ownersManualGasoline- (l/100 km)- (g/km)
Bill's Motors Holding B.V.
Wim LuijbregtsNL-5555 XD VALKENSWAARD
  1. 1VAT deductible
  2. 2You can obtain more information on the official fuel consumption and official specific CO2 emissions of new passenger vehicles from the guideline on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of new passenger vehicles. This guideline is available free of charge at all dealerships and from Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH at
  3. ;

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