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Are you always looking for the next challenge? Do you want to push yourself, work autonomously, and optimise things? If tech is your passion and development is your goal, the Software Engineering team is the right place for you. Ready to push things forward in our Tech & Data team? Expect more. Apply now!

And if you want to dive deeper into our tech topics, check out our tech team’s blog here.

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00:00:00 Aanchal: I like working with I love working at AutoScout24, because of the diversity. We have more than 50 nationalities here, and we keep on growing. Hi, my name is Aanchal, and I'm an Engineering Manager at AutoScout24. 00:00:25 Arion: Hey, Aanchal, it's amazing to have you today. So, can you describe your role at AutoScout24 in a few sentences? 00:00:32 Aanchal: I work in the Search Relevance team and our goal is to make the search smarter. 00:00:37 Arion: Perfect. And how do you usually start your day at AutoScout24? 00:00:40 Aanchal: I start my day with a big cup of coffee and by looking at my slack. 00:00:45 Arion: And what is your biggest challenge while working at AutoScout24. 00:00:49 Aanchal: Recruiting women engineers is a big challenge in the industry, and also it affects us here. 00:00:56 Arion: Perfect. And what do you like the most about working here at AutoScout24? 00:01:01 Aanchal: I like the flexible and the agile working environment here. Fun fact: We do not have any testing environments at AutoScout24. We deploy directly to production multiple times a day. 00:01:13 Max: Hey, what are you doing? 00:01:15 Aanchal: Hi Max, how are you? 00:01:15 Max: I'm fine. What are you doing? 00:01:17 Arion: Oh, Max. Nice to see you. I'm giving Aanchal an interview. Is it okay if I ask you a question as well? 00:01:21 Max: Yeah, sure. 00:01:22 Arion: All right. Perfect. So, what do you like the most about working here at AutoScout24? 00:01:28 Max: What I like most? I think it's, yeah, it's that you really feel that the management cares, right? So, they care about your health, your well-being. We even had a dedicated week about this topic, and they also care about your career. So, if you want, you can have a lot of growth opportunities in this company. 00:01:49 Aanchal: Definitely. 00:01:50 Arion: Cool. Thanks so much, Max. 00:01:51 Max: Thank you. Bye. 00:01:53 Aanchal: See you. 00:01:54 Arion: All right, Aanchal, I have one more question for you. What more could a new colleague working in your team expect? 00:02:01 Aanchal: A new colleague in my team could expect more trust, more autonomy, and more fun.