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AutoScout24 Career: Smyle Operations

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Founded almost 25 years ago, we are still hungry for innovation! Thus, we recently launched AutoScout24 smyle. With smyle, we are revolutionising the online car market. It allows our users to select and buy their next car completely online, including registration, insurance and delivery to our customer’s doorstep. Do you want to make online car buying a fantastic experience with us? Expect more. Apply now!

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00:00:00 Felix: And what I really like the attention to detail and... alright, müssen wir nochmal machen. smyle is one of AutoScout's biggest product innovations so far. Within only 20 weeks from concept idea to launch, we built a complete eCommerce buying experience for used cars. Users can now on our site choose among thousands of used cars online. They can buy or finance it within only a couple of minutes. We will then quality inspect these cars, register it to the user, insure it, and deliver it to the customer's doorsteps within only a couple of weeks. Hi, I'm Felix. I'm with AutoScout since ten years, and today I'm part of the management team and look after pricing and our new business unit smyle. 00:00:46 Arion: Hey, Felix, thanks so much for joining today. So you are a day one pioneer of the smyle product. What is one habit in the smyle team that you can disclose with us? 00:00:55 Felix: Out of a lot of things that I really like is that we get together every two weeks in an all hands, and among others we discuss customer case studies. So how was the experience of the customer buying smyle? How can we make it better? And I really love the attention of detail that the whole team puts into making a smyle purchase experience great. 00:01:13 Arion: Perfect. Now, what is your biggest AHA moment at AutoScout24. 00:01:18 Felix: So I probably have an AHA moment more or less every day. But one of the things that I really like is when I talk to our customers and realize how important a car for them really is, you know, it's just a car, but for them, it means how they get to work every day, how they can visit friends and family in different cities. 00:01:35 Arion: Perfect. Which song best describes your job? 00:01:39 Felix: I think that would be 'Every day I'm shuffling', reflecting our effort to every day make AutoScout and smyle better. One step at a time. 00:01:47 Arion: Great. What is the role of the smyle team at AutoScout24? 00:01:52 Felix: So, the smyle team is super diverse. We have people from product, techs, UX, but also some new team members that we don't had at AutoScout, car mechanics, logistics experts and car experts. 00:02:03 Arion: Great. Speaking of your team, here are a couple of members of your team here. Hi. 00:02:07 Katharina & Jeezy: Hi. 00:02:08 Arion: So, I'm giving Felix a short interview and I would like to ask you all the question: What makes the smyle team so special? 00:02:16 Katharina: I think the smyle team makes us special, but we are six different functions in our team. But we work like a one big team. 00:02:26 Arion: What do you think Jeezy? 00:02:27 Jeezy: Yeah, I would say like Katha already said. But the most special part about it is that we make customers smile. 00:02:34 Arion: Perfect. 00:02:35 Arion: And Felix, one more question for you. How many people are on your team? 00:02:38 Felix: You know, one year ago when we started, the team was basically two. Today, we are 100 people trying to put a smile on our customer's faces. 00:02:46 Arion: Sounds great. Thank you all so much for your time. 00:02:49 Katharina & Jeezy: Thanks. Thank you. Bye bye.