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AutoScout24 Career: Sales

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As part of our Sales Team, you will take responsibility for your customer’s portfolio and expand it continuously. KPIs and sales targets are the currencies by which you measure success. As a Customer Success Manager or Customer Service Consultant, you are the voice of AutoScout24 and will provide expert support to our customers by phone, chat or email. Feel like stepping it up with us? Expect more. Apply now!

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00:00:00 Christina: What I really. Sorry... What I really like about working at AutoScout is that we bring the old automotive world together with our digital innovative products. So, that's challenging but also a lot of fun. Hi, my name is Christina and I work as a Director Key Account Management at AutoScout24. 00:00:24 Arion: Hey, Christina, thanks so much for joining us today. 00:00:26 Christina: Hi, nice to meet you. 00:00:28 Arion: Can you describe your role at AutoScout24 in a few sentences? 00:00:31 Christina: Of course, I'm one of three segment leads in the German sales organization, so my teams and I are responsible for servicing, selling, cross and upselling of the dealer segment, which is round about 5,000 dealers in Germany. 00:00:46 Arion: Perfect. And how do you usually start your day at AutoScout24? 00:00:49 Christina: So, normally I'm in the home Office in Potsdam, so I bring... normally my day starts with bringing my little daughter to the kindergarten. But when I'm here in the office in Munich every second week, the first thing I do is get me a Butterbrezel go to the office and then find a colleague to have a coffee and a short chat. 00:01:07 Arion: Perfect. Which cliché does not apply to you or your department? 00:01:12 Christina: So working in sales, there are many clichés that apply to our department, but what is different, I think, is that everybody supports each other. So, we are a really good team. Even though, they are placed all over Germany. They are in steady contact, and they support each other, help each other. And yeah, in any situation, which is cool. 00:01:33 Arion: Perfect. What more could a new colleague working in your team expect? 00:01:38 Christina: I think it's, it's exactly this team spirit. So, joining a sales team normally is difficult because you have to achieve your targets and there's a pressure. But in this team we really have a good team spirit, good collaboration that's that's something you cannot expect that every every company. 00:01:56 Arion: Oh, isn't that Stefan from your team? 00:01:59 Christina: Hi, Stefan. Nice to see you. 00:02:00 Christina: Hi Christina, nice seeing you, too. 00:02:03 Arion: Thanks, Stefan so much for joining us today. So, what are three things that makes your team special? 00:02:10 Stefan: Wow, what makes my team special? So it's. Yeah, super exciting to work with over 50 different nationalities in the Munich office. That will be the first point. The second is, yeah, it doesn't really matter from which department you are. You only have to ask for help, and you will be helped across all departments and well, last point is the big and small team events or just even the Yeah, after work beer on the rooftop bar are simply part of it. Yeah. 00:02:47 Arion: Great. Now, one more question for Christina: What do you like the most about working at AutoScout24? 00:02:54 Christina: Yeah, I think beside the team that we talked about, it's the speed of execution. So if you have an idea, you want to do something new, we can set it up immediately. So I think that makes us successful, and I really enjoy the way of how we work here. 00:03:08 Arion: Sounds great. Well, thank you both so much for joining us. 00:03:11 Christina: Thank you. 00:03:12 Stefan: Thank you.