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Are you passionate about building customer-centric products? If so, our Product and UX teams could be for you. You will design and manage the product vision and ensure that we create the right products to deliver delight to our customers. Think of it as your own mini start-up! Do you want to bring your creativity to our team? Expect more. Apply now!

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00:00:00 Mo: ...invited the whole team to. We need to do it again f*#k. AutoScout24 is an amazing place for people who are passionate about innovation. Not only you get to imagine the future, but you also get to build it. Hi, I'm Mo. I'm Director of Product at AutoScout24. 00:00:24 Arion: Hey, Mo, Thanks so much for joining us today. 00:00:27 Mo: Pleasure to be here. 00:00:28 Arion: How do you usually start your day here at AutoScout24? 00:00:31 Mo: I typically come to the office between eight and nine in the morning, and I have one hour blocked every day. I use this hour to look at customer data and to understand how do I want to serve them today. I just come up with the game plan of the day. 00:00:46 Arion: Perfect. Can you describe your role in a few sentences? 00:00:49 Mo: Sure. I'm responsible for customer experience of the seller, which means that I try to help them sell their cars as fast as possible and without any friction. 00:00:59 Arion: What was the last fun moment you had with your colleagues? 00:01:02 Mo: We've had a lot of these, but the last one that I want to mention, which is when a colleague of ours have invited us to his home and he barbecued for us and cooked a lot of homemade Turkish food, it was amazing. 00:01:17 Arion: Perfect. Which song best describes your job? 00:01:20 Mo: That would have to be 'Living on a prayer' by Bon Jovi. 00:01:24 Arion: Sounds great. 00:01:25 Arion: Oh, there's Christina. Hey, Christina. How are you? 00:01:28 Christina: Hi. How are you doing? 00:01:30 Arion: Pretty good. 00:01:31 Mo: Hey. 00:01:32 Christina: Hey. How's it going? 00:01:33 Mo: All good. 00:01:34 Arion: All right. So, Christina, I was giving Mo a really short interview. Do you mind if I ask you a question? 00:01:39 Christina: Go ahead. 00:01:40 Arion: What more could a new colleague working in your team expect? 00:01:44 Christina: I guess what I love most about AutoScout24 is the collaboration between teams and how eager everybody is to help each other. 00:01:52 Arion: Perfect. Well, Mo, I have one more question for you. What was your biggest AHA moment at AutoScout24? 00:02:00 Mo: Well, that would be very early on when I joined AutoScout24, and it's when every time I meet someone from the C-level management or from our investors, they would ask me about what I think we should do about opportunity for customers. So, that was an AHA moment because I realized that we are asked to be thought leaders and to come up with the vision for the future and build it for them. 00:02:22 Arion: Thank you both so much for your time. 00:02:24 Christina: You're welcome.