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AutoScout24 Career: General Functions

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Are you a people-person? If Talent Acquisition, People Services, Organisational & People Development or HR Controlling is your passion, come and join our people team. You’ll work with all AutoScout colleagues and make sure everyone feels at home with us. Our Procurement team keeps a famously vigilant eye on costs, while our Finance experts handle any monies on behalf of the organisation. The Legal department advises us on all crucial contractual matters. And finally, monetisation is in the hands of our Business Development & Pricing team. Expect more. Apply now!

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00:00:00 Don: And every day is an exciting mess. Well, okay, we got to do that again. The most beautiful thing about working in the general functions of AutoScout24 is that every day I get to work with procurement, facilities, controlling, accounting, HR, legal, and recruitment. Hi, I'm Don, and I'm the head of Procurement at AutoScout24. 00:00:29 Arion: Hey, Don. So happy to have you today. Can you describe your role at AutoScout24 and a few sentences? 00:00:35 Don: Yes. My team is responsible for procurement and facilities. That means we buy things, and we make our colleagues happy. 00:00:43 Arion: Great. What more could a new colleague working in your team expect? 00:00:48 Don: I think it's the highest degree of responsibility. I've got a new buyer in my team who's been there for a year. He had never bought anything in his life and is now responsible for 30 million. 00:01:02 Arion: What do you like the most about working at AutoScout24? 00:01:06 Don: I think it's the attitude. So, some German companies have an attitude of 'yes, but' at AutoScout, the attitude is, 'fuck it, let's try.' 00:01:18 Arion: Perfect. Where's the most exotic place you've worked from? 00:01:23 Don: Where not? So, of course, I've worked from home in Holland, but I've also worked from Italy, Vietnam, Hungaria, you name it. And I've worked there. 00:01:33 Arion: Perfect. 00:01:34 Arion: Hey, there's Fanni. Hey, Fanni. How are you? 00:01:36 Fanni: Hi. I'm good. How are you? 00:01:38 Arion: Nice to see you today. So, I'm doing a quick interview with Don. And is it okay if I ask you a question? 00:01:43 Fanni: Sure. 00:01:44 Arion: Perfect. Can you tell me three things that makes your team special? 00:01:49 Fanni: So, this is an easy question. I work in the FP&A team here at AutoScout. And first of all, we are super international. From our ten team members we are from six different countries. So, every day I learn more about their countries, their habits, and their culture. Secondly, we are all highly motivated. We work a lot together in a team, to drive growth here at AutoScout and we are never afraid to go the extra mile. And third, but not last, very important: We work hard together, but we like to have a nice time also apart from work. So, we enjoy our lunch breaks or after work drinks at our rooftop bar or having a barbecue together. 00:02:32 Arion: Great. Thanks so much for that. Now, Don, I have one more question for you: What are you most proud of? What's your biggest achievement at AutoScout24? 00:02:42 Don: I think it's two years ago, we started relatively blank from a procurement organization and facility perspective. And now after two years, we got two very high performing organizations. 00:02:55 Arion: Thank you so much for your time. 00:02:56 Don: You're welcome.