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Do you love story telling, emotion, and creativity? If so, our AutoScout24 brand team is the perfect place for you. A wide variety of people from all over the world work every day to make our platform a true "love brand" and do so on a wide variety of channels. Bring your creativity and passion and we promise you that you can expect more from us.

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00:00:00 Evelin & Julia: Blah, blah, blah, and I'm blah, blah, blah. 00:00:10 Evelin: I like the flexible way of working at AutoScout24. I can choose between home office to headquarters and working in the sun on our rooftop terrace. Hi, I'm Evelin. I'm senior marketing manager at AutoScout24. 00:00:24 Arion: Hey, Evelin, Thanks so much for joining me today. 00:00:26 Evelin: Nice to meet you. 00:00:27 Arion: So tell me three things that make your team special. 00:00:31 Evelin: I would say creativity, agility, and strength of implementation. 00:00:37 Arion: Sounds great. So, can you describe your role at AutoScout24 in a few sentences? 00:00:43 Evelin: I'm part of the Brand Team at AutoScout24. We cover everything concerning marketing: From SEO topics, graphic design, communication strategies, and media campaigns. I do B2B marketing, so I have my fingers in the pie if it comes to communicating with AutoScout24 car dealers. 00:01:01 Arion: Which song best describes your job? 00:01:05 Evelin: Don't stop me now. 00:01:08 Arion: What more could a new colleague working in your team expect. 00:01:12 Evelin: If you make the most out of your opportunities, you never stand still. There are always new and exciting projects that you can develop further and outgrow. This way you always learn something new and boredom never creeps in. 00:01:24 Arion: Hey, Julia's here. Hey, Julia. 00:01:27 Evelin & Julia: Julia. Hi. How are you? Nice to meet you. 00:01:30 Arion: All right, so we have two creatives here, so I want to put your creative minds together and see if you can answer a couple of questions for me. All right, So the first one is what has four wheels and flies? 00:01:45 Evelin & Julia: Four wheels and flies, I don't know. 00:01:48 Arion: A garbage truck. And what kind of car does Yoda drive? 00:01:58 Evelin & Julia: Something electric, I guess. Maybe, but I'm not sure. 00:02:02 Arion: A Toyota. 00:02:03 Julia: Oh, come on. That's a flat one. 00:02:07 Arion: All right, So I have one last question for Evelin. And the question is, what is your biggest personal growth story at AutoScout24? 00:02:15 Evelin: I started as an intern five and a half years ago, and from the beginning on, I wanted to have more responsibility, and that's what I got. Now I'm senior marketing manager, and I'm handling big and responsible projects that make an impact on our business, and that makes me proud. 00:02:31 Arion: Thank you both so much for your time. 00:02:33 Evelin & Julia: Thank you. Thank you.