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81 Offers

€ 20,950.-

92,000 km02/1973110 kW (150 hp)Used4 previous ownersManualGasoline- (l/100 km)- (g/km)
Private seller,NL-2102GD Heemstede

€ 15,500.-

52,585 km07/197470 kW (95 hp)Used- (Previous Owners)- (Gear)Gasoline- (l/100 km)- (g/km)
Private seller,DE-83080 Oberaudorf

€ 28,500.-

37,000 km09/1974112 kW (152 hp)Used- (Previous Owners)ManualGasoline- (l/100 km)- (g/km)
Private seller,BE-1380 Lasne

€ 16,750.-

53,400 km06/197488 kW (120 hp)Used- (Previous Owners)ManualGasoline- (l/100 km)- (g/km)
Private seller,NL-5804AK Venray

€ 23,500.-

1,009 km03/1971110 kW (150 hp)Used- (Previous Owners)ManualGasoline- (l/100 km)- (g/km)
Dussolier Classic Cars bvbaPatrick Dussolier • BE-2950 Kapellen

€ 23,900.-

39,109 km06/1970- kW (- hp)Used- (Previous Owners)ManualGasoline- (l/100 km)0 g/km (comb.)
Metropole Classic Cars B.V.Afdeling verkoop • NL-6651 KV DRUTEN

€ 15,000.-

65,000 km05/1975110 kW (150 hp)Used- (Previous Owners)- (Gear)Gasoline- (l/100 km)- (g/km)
SvenSven S • BE-2340 Beerse

€ 24,900.-

61,615 km06/197277 kW (105 hp)Used3 previous ownersManualGasoline- (l/100 km)150 g/km (comb.)
Hofman LeekEelco Hofman • NL-9351 PV LEEK

€ 22,950.-

24,530 km01/1973121 kW (165 hp)Used- (Previous Owners)ManualGasoline- (l/100 km)- (g/km)
Autohuis HelwigAfdeling verkoop • NL-2821 NB STOLWIJK

€ 45,950.-

17,278 km06/1973110 kW (150 hp)Used2 previous ownersManualGasoline- (l/100 km)- (g/km)
Bill's Motors Holding B.V.Wim Luijbregts • NL-5555 XD VALKENSWAARD

€ 25,000.-

6,319 km06/1974121 kW (165 hp)Used- (Previous Owners)ManualGasoline- (l/100 km)- (g/km)
Autobedrijf Hans van der WielenHans van der Wielen • NL-6651 KR DRUTEN

€ 25,400.-

4,858 km02/197477 kW (105 hp)Used- (Previous Owners)ManualGasoline- (l/100 km)- (g/km)
Dream Car FactoryC. de Klerk • NL-8171 MA VAASSEN

€ 27,500.-

67,472 km05/1971105 kW (143 hp)Used- (Previous Owners)ManualGasoline- (l/100 km)- (g/km)
Car Classics Cologne GmbHThomas Weyers • DE-50127 Bergheim

€ 22,500.-

85,000 km06/197478 kW (106 hp)Used- (Previous Owners)ManualGasoline- (l/100 km)- (g/km)
Private seller,NL-9864PS Kornhorn
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