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€ 43,890.-

- km- (First Registration)241 kW (328 hp)New- (Previous Owners)AutomaticElectric/Gasoline1.5 l/100 km (comb.)33 g/km (comb.)17.7 kWh/100 km (comb.)
Autohaus Rudolf Britting e.Kfm.Tom Hartmann • DE-91207 Lauf an der Pegnitz

€ 999.-

270,000 km07/200388 kW (120 hp)Used2 previous ownersManualGasoline8.3 l/100 km (comb.)198 g/km (comb.)
Autopark ToticMarineo Totic • DE-78713 Schramberg

€ 1,300.-

200,000 km03/2005107 kW (145 hp)Used- (Previous Owners)ManualGasoline- (l/100 km)- (g/km)
Private seller,DE-45663 Recklinghausen

€ 1,700.-

201,000 km02/199953 kW (72 hp)Used3 previous ownersManualGasoline7 l/100 km (comb.)- (g/km)
Private seller,DE-10777 Berlin Wilmersdorf

€ 2,200.-

85,000 km12/1999110 kW (150 hp)Used2 previous ownersAutomaticGasoline- (l/100 km)- (g/km)
Private seller,DE-12627 Berlin

€ 3,950.-

118,800 km06/199476 kW (103 hp)Used- (Previous Owners)AutomaticGasoline- (l/100 km)- (g/km)
Private seller,DE-50226 Frechen

€ 6,480.-

149,037 km05/2006107 kW (145 hp)Used4 previous ownersManualGasoline8.2 l/100 km (comb.)198 g/km (comb.)
Autohaus Aslan GmbHMetin Aslan • DE-47249 Duisburg

€ 8,300.-

158,000 km10/200281 kW (110 hp)Used- (Previous Owners)- (Gear)Gasoline- (l/100 km)- (g/km)
Autoponte SrlSig Graziano Spinoni • IT-25062 Concesio - Brescia - Bs

€ 9,999.-

224,000 km02/2009105 kW (143 hp)Used2 previous ownersManualDiesel- (l/100 km)- (g/km)
Auto GranzerDavid Ganzer • AT-3363 Neufurth/Amstetten

€ 12,500.-

6,358 km09/197276 kW (103 hp)Used3 previous ownersManualGasoline- (l/100 km)- (g/km)
RHB Classics B.V.Roger Hendrix • NL-4191 MX GELDERMALSEN

€ 12,900.-

81,107 km04/201477 kW (105 hp)Used2 previous ownersManualGasoline6 l/100 km (comb.)- (g/km)
Private seller,AT-5280 Braunau Am Inn

€ 13,500.-

131,000 km08/2015110 kW (150 hp)Used2 previous ownersAutomaticDiesel6 l/100 km (comb.)- (g/km)
Private seller,DE-33104 Paderborn

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  2. 2You can obtain more information on the official fuel consumption and official specific CO2 emissions of new passenger vehicles from the guideline on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of new passenger vehicles. This guideline is available free of charge at all dealerships and from Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH at
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